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December 04, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Give hardworking feet the care they need both on and off the field.sports injuries

It’s not an easy job that feet have, particularly if you are an athlete. Whether you are out pounding the pavement every day or you are part of a team, athletic feet can be especially prone to injuries if you aren’t careful. Our Woodbridge, VA, podiatrist Dr. Gerard Ranieri is here to provide you with some helpful tips for keeping your sporty feet safer.

Be Gradual in Your Training

You wouldn’t immediately sign up for a marathon if you’ve never run before, right? Don’t let your workout go from zero to 60. Instead, gradually increase the length of time or the intensity of your training sessions. If you don’t spend time training in the offseason also don’t expect to come back and immediately get right back into the same shape you were in during the season.

It’s important that you continue to train regularly if you want to maintain a strong, healthy body. By easing back into training or slowly increasing the difficulty of your workouts you can prevent foot and ankle injuries.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Warm-Up

We know that before a game your mind is racing and your heart is probably pounding. Adrenaline can do some pretty amazing things in the heat of the moment; however, you don’t want to just rely on adrenaline to carry you through the game. You need to warm up the muscles, tendons and other soft tissue in your body and feet to loosen them up and reduce your chances of an injury. Take 15 minutes for some light cardio and stretching.

Consider Orthotics

Orthotics are prescription shoe inserts that can provide further support, stability and even shock absorption for your feet. While you may have seen these products at your local drugstore, this one-size-fits-most approach to foot support may not help and may even make issues worse. Luckily, our Woodbridge, VA, foot doctor can make custom orthotics to cater to your specific needs. These simple devices could give your feet the added protection they need to improve how they function on the field.

Don’t Go Barefoot

While this might not seem like the most important advice you’ve received it is important if you want to avoid an unpleasant condition known as athlete’s foot. This fungus thrives in moist, dark environments like your school’s locker room or your gym’s showers. Remember to always wear shoes, particularly in communal areas, to reduce your chances of developing athlete’s foot.

Lake Ridge Podiatry in Woodbridge, VA, is ready to provide you with the care you need. Whether you are an athlete or someone dealing with diabetic foot problems, we are here to help.