Finding the Right Treatment for Corns

Finding the Right Treatment for Corns

How your podiatrist in Woodbridge, VA can help when you have corns.

If you have corns, you already know how painful they can be. They can also be temporarily disabling, making it difficult to walk. Your podiatrist can help you get relief from corns. Dr. Ranieri at Lake Ridge Podiatry in Woodbridge, VA offers a full range of foot care services, including corn removal.

Do you know the difference between a corn and a callus? Typically corns are smaller, and they form a hard center which is bordered by inflamed tissue. Corns are quite painful, but calluses aren’t.

When you develop a corn, it means your feet and toes are being subjected to friction, rubbing, and pressure. Corns often form between toes, and on the sides and tops of your toes.

Keep in mind that prevention is possible. You can try a few simple tips like these:

  • Wear shoes with ample toe room so your toes are not cramped together
  • Place padding or inserts inside your shoes to prevent friction
  • Use moisturizing cream or lotion on your feet every day to keep your skin soft and smooth

If you develop a corn, you can try:

  • Soaking your feet in warm water to soften the corn
  • After you soak your feet, use a pumice stone to gently rub off hardened, dead skin

For stubborn, painful corns it’s best to visit your podiatrist. At Lake Ridge Podiatry, your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Trimming the excess skin around the corn to reduce friction and pressure
  • Using a topical medication containing salicylic acid to remove the corn
  • Wearing custom-fit orthotics or footwear
  • Surgery to realign your foot and toes

If you are diabetic, do not self-treat your corn. Visit your podiatrist so your tissue heals properly and you don’t develop an infection.

Don’t let corns keep you from being active and enjoying your life. To find out more about the treatment of corns, and other foot care services, call Dr. Ranieri of Lake Ridge Podiatry in Woodbridge, VA at (703) 491-2603. Call today.

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