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  • Treating Ingrown Toenails
    Are you worried that one of your toenails may be growing into your skin? Our Woodbridge, VA, podiatrist, Dr. Gerard Ranieri of Lake Ridge Podiatry, discusses ingrown toenails and explains Read more
  • Signs You've Sprained Your Ankle
    Spraining an ankle is a very common injury, and it's one that podiatrist Dr. Ranieri of Lake Ridge Podiatry in Woodbridge, VA, diagnoses and treats very frequently. Below, he explains Read more
  • Foot Care for Athletes
    Give hardworking feet the care they need both on and off the field. It’s not an easy job that feet have, particularly if you are an athlete. Whether you are out Read more
  • What Is Causing My Heel Pain?
    Though it often begins mildly and progresses slowly over time, heel pain can take a huge toll on your quality of life, affecting daily activities like simply walking to the Read more
  • Caring for Your Feet When You Are Diabetic
    According to the CDC, about 29 million people suffer from diabetes. This condition can have many serious, long-term effects like damage to the blood vessels and kidneys. Since it affects Read more
  • Preventing Ingrown Toenails And How We Can Help
    Painful ingrown toenails can be prevented in many cases by following a few simple guidelines. Our Woodbridge, VA, podiatrist, Dr. Gerard Ranieri of Lake Ridge Podiatry, shares a few tips Read more
  • Common Foot Problems
    Learn more about these frequent foot ailments and what can be done to treat them. While you may not think about it much your feet have a pretty incredible responsibility. After Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Lake Ridge Podiatry Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a podiatrist in the Woodbridge, VA area, we’re excited you are here. With the Read more
  • What Are Bunions?
    A bunion is an abnormal, bony prominence that develops on the joint at the base of your big toe. As the big toe joint becomes enlarged, it forces the toe Read more

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